Day 4 – How Many? – for Saturday at the 2015 Coveside Classic

Here is the “how many” for Saturday August 29 at the 2015 Coveside Classic:
Low Hunters: 12
NSHJA Medal: 16
Performance Hunter: 13
Combined Hunter: 9
Children’s: 17
Adult Amateur: 12
CET Mini Medal: 4
1.25M Grand Prix:
0.9M Jumper Speed: 28
1.0M Jumper Speed: 13
1.10M Jumper Speed: 10
1.15 Jumper Speed: 1

Jumpers: We need your teams for the Clearwater Jumper Nations Cup – please let the office know in the morning.
Thanks to all for making this the greatest Classic yet. See you tomorrow!

2015 Coveside Classic Official Poster

Official 2015 Coveside Classic poster