Coveside Stables – a Haven for Horses and Riders

Coveside Stables is located on beautiful Haddon Hill, near the Village of Chester. The facility is a labour of love of the Potter and Rusaw families. It is attended to with the best interests of its horses always top of mind. The atmostphere at Coveside is supportive and fun-loving. Coach and trainer Jackie Rusaw coaches riders of all ages and aspirations. We celebrate when a ribbon is earned, but we ride because we love our horses, and are committed to their well-being and the journey of developing their trust and potential.

Coveside is also host to the annual Coveside Classic, an Equine Canada national competition held over five days in August. In 2018, the Classic takes place August 22 to 26. In addition, hunter and jumper training days are held in the Spring, and many clinics take place throughout the year.


Life at Coveside

Coveside Stables is home to the growing family of Jackie and Brad Rusaw, and children Quynn, Jakob and Rhyan. In addition to their horses, several horses and their riders board at Coveside and enjoy the first class amenities and collegial spirit that exists “on the hill”. Jackie coaches a team of riders from novice children to adults. She aims to ensure they learn to appreciate the journey of developing the horse-rider partnership¬†as much as or more than they enjoy results in the ring.¬† In addition to boarders, riders ship their horses in to Coveside to benefit from Jackie’s coaching.

The barn is managed by caring and experience staff who are knowledgeable and attentive to all the horses residing at Coveside. Each horse is on an individualized care and feeding program, with regular visits from the veterinarian, farrier, equine massage therapist, and chiropractic doctor arranged in consultation with the horse owner and riders.

About us

Our People

A great team of people work together at Coveside under the leadership of Jackie and Brad Rusaw. Every team member is dedicated to the well being of the horses and provides excellent support and friendship to people sharing the facility.


Take a look at the facility and the beautiful natural surroundings at Haddon Hill. The fields, woods, pastures, and riding facilities are a perfect environment for sport development and the simple pleasures of life with horses (and many dogs, cats, a miniature pony and a donkey).

Our Horses

Close to twenty horses live at Coveside. Most are in active work as athletes in the hunter, jumper and dressage disciplines. There have been youngsters born here on the hill, and of course some faithful partners who are retired here to live out their lives in comfort and peace.