Coveside is for horses

There are usually about twenty horses in residence at Coveside. Some are owned by Jackie Rusaw and her family. Others are the pride and joy of their boarder owners.

In addition to the horses who are in active work at Coveside, the farm is also home to retired partners who are well cared for, for life. Visit the individual pages to learn more about Coveside Horses, Client Horses, Horses potentially for sale, and our Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame pays homage to some of the great horses who are in retirement here or who have made their home here in the past.



Coveside Horses

  • Horses owned by Coveside
  • Twenty Plus Horses
  • Ponies, Broodmares, Sport Horses
  • All colours, shapes and sizes

Visit Coveside Horses to get to know the horses owned and ridden by Jackie Rusaw, Rhyan and Jakob Rusaw, and students under Jackie’s leadership.

Client Horses

  • Boarding Horses
  • Eight
  • Hunters, Jumpers, Dressage
  • All colours, shapes and sizes

Visit our Client Horses page to learn about the people and horses working with Jackie Rusaw and visiting clinicians here at Coveside.

Hall of Fame

  • Retired and Deceased Partners
  • Honouring the best
  • Memorial Page
  • Hall of Fame

Our Hall of Fame honours those horses retired here, or who have left us for greener pastures and left hoofprints at Coveside and in our hearts.