How many? – Day Two 2015 Coveside Classic Horse Show

Here is the “how many” for Thursday August 27 at the Coveside Classic Horse Show

We had a great first day! The rain can’t conquer the Classic spirit. Thanks to all competitors for their enthusiasm and good cheer! The sun set long ago and the Horseless Horse Show kids are still having a great time. Here is the “how many” for Thursday:

  • ┬áLarge pony handy hunter: 15
  • Small/med pony handy hunter: 10
  • Pony Hunter Stake: 16
  • Pony hack division: 9
  • Modified child/adult hunter: 25
  • Lead line: 7

Onwards to Day Two! Sleep tight, one and all.

2015 Coveside Classic Official Poster

Official 2015 Coveside Classic poster